Kidney stones are solid particles which are formed in the inner layer of the kidney, owing to low intake of water and increasing concentration in uric acid. People suffering with these stones, large or small, know how painful it is to have them inside the body. While there are several ways to treat these stones and remove them from the body, home remedies offer an ideal choice to dissolve kidney stones in an efficient manner.

Best methods to dissolve kidney stones


There are several home remedies to treat kidney stones and dissolve them in an effective manner. The first and most important among them is undoubtedly the intake of water in adequate quantities. While low levels of water in the body is the major cause for the formation of these stones inside the kidney, repairing that damage with high intake of water is greatly recommended. Coconut water is known to break larger pieces of stones into smaller ones, enabling them to exit in an easy manner. Intake of citric acid is a good step as it is known to prevent the formation of kidney stones to a greater extent. In addition, proper diet with fresh vegetables and fruits containing low oxalate, complemented with exercise is recommended. Water melon, grapes and cranberry contain high levels of water and are considered good as juices.

Dissolving kidney stones with lemon juice is proven to be successful in most cases. Prepare 2 liters of water mixed with 120 ml of lemon juice and take this juice 2-3 times in a day. Olive oil can also be mixed in this juice for more effectiveness. While treating these stones with citrus acid, avoid taking beverages or caffeine products which increase the acidity levels inside the body. You can even purchase Vitamin C tablets from the medical store and use them on a regular basis.

Using herbal tea prepared from hydrangea root or yarrow leaf is another way to treat these stones faster. Goldenrod, a popular herb in few parts of the world, is used to dissolve stones inside the kidney. However, not everyone is comfortable with goldenrod herbs and you need to test it for allergic conditions.