With an increase in the number of people diagnosed with kidney stones, the search for the best kidney stones treatment is gaining momentum, in recent times. Regardless of age and gender, more and more are getting affected with this disease and if ignored or unnoticed, it can lead to serious health hazards. There are several methods to dissolve these stones and remove them from the body in a painless manner. However, choosing the best treatment should be based on the intensity of these stones and patient’s medical history for an effective result.

How kidney stones are formed?

Before proceeding with the treatment for a kidney stone, it is important to understand the reasons for the formation of a stone inside the kidney. When the concentration in the uric acid increase, owing to lack of water levels or infections, tiny crystals are formed in the inner layer of the kidney. These tiny crystals develop into larger pieces over a period of time. While smaller pieces pass out of the body unnoticed, larger pieces cause severe pain while exit. Pieces remaining inside the body cause pain, nausea, vomiting, chills and other health hazards.

What are the best methods for kidney stones treatment?

There are several methods to treat a kidney stone. However, choosing a best home remedy treatment can be cost effective, affordable and can be done at your convenience. The first and foremost remedy is to drink lots of water. As the major cause for the formation of these stones is lack of water levels, providing that deficiency to your body would produce effective results. The second thing to do is to drink fresh fruit juices. Water melon, grapes and oranges contain high levels of water and are the most recommended juices for this treatment. Drinking Juices extracted from fresh vegetables is another good home remedy. These vegetables include radish, lady finger and tomatoes.

Citrate is one good element which effectively handles the concentration in uric acid and lemon juice with a little olive oil is the best option to provide citrate to your body. If the size of these stones is significantly large, you can proceed with medical procedures like shock wave therapies. Surgical treatments using incision should be the last resort as they involve painful and expensive processes.