Kidney stones have become a great concern for most people in recent times, Be it men or women, young or old, these stones cause pain and uncomfortable sense while disturbing the metabolism of the body. These stones are mostly made up of calcium oxalate and phosphate. It is very important to understand what causes kidney stones and remove them during the early stages as they can cause a severe damage to your health, if left unnoticed.

How are kidney stones formed?

As everyone knows, kidneys are the part of the urinary system and pull out waste and water from blood. The urinary fluid inside the kidney dissolves these waste materials and sends them into the urinary bladder through ureter. While this is normally a smooth process carried inside the kidney, there are times when small crystalline particles are formed which do not pass out. These crystals grow big up to the size of a golf ball and cause severe pain as they obstruct the flow or urine.

Causes of kidney stones

The most important cause for the formation of a kidney stone is lack of adequate waters levels inside the body. Water is an essential commodity which maintains the pH levels of uric acid and with low levels of water the pH levels decrease, making it acidic. Calcium oxalate is the common stone seen in most people. While calcium is needed for bones, there are times when calcium is not used and reaches kidneys. If it is not flushed out, then there are chances of the formation of a stone. Struvite stones, mostly seen in women, are caused due to urinary tract infection. Uric acid stones are the result of an increase in the acidic nature of uric acid and cystine stones are formed due to kidney disorders.

Another important cause can be heredity. While some people eating the same food experience stones in their kidneys and others do not. This is related to their heredity. People with a family history of kidney stone experience are more prone to this disease. Whatever many be the cause, treating these stones in an efficient and quick manner is very important.