Today, the new trend in nephrology and gastroenterology segments is the increasing number of patients diagnosed with stones inside their kidneys and this list contains both men and women. While men are more prone to this disease, recent stats show that cases of kidney stones in women are also increasing at an alarming pace. Struvite stones are more commonly seen in women as they are vulnerable to urinary tract infection.

Symptoms of kidney stones in women

Women suffering with stones in their kidney experience severe pain in their groin area. In addition, nausea, vomiting, blood in urine and pain during menstrual period are some other signs of the presence of these stones inside the body. The frequency of urination increases and the color of the urine changes, which is a simple sign of the presence of these stones inside the body. While smaller pieces pass through the urine and are unnoticed, it is the large piece which causes severe pain when it moves within the body and blocks the urine flow. It is recommended to identify these symptoms and treat these stones at the earliest. Else, this situation can lead to serious health hazards including death, at times.

While lack of water levels inside the body is the main reason for the formation of a kidney stone, there are other reasons associated with women. Urinary tract infection is one among them. Other reasons include improper diet which lacks essential comedies like vitamins, minerals and sugars.

How to treat kidney stones in women?

Treatment for a kidney stone in women may vary from person to person depending on the symptoms and intensity of the disease. Home remedies offer a great choice as they are affordable by most people while providing effective results. These remedies include drinking adequate levels of water, intake of coconut water, juices from fresh vegetables and fruits and lemonade.

Uriflow medication which when consumed orally dissolves these stones and pushes them outside in a natural manner. Shock wave therapies, radiation and surgical procedures can be opted for, if these stones grow up to the size of a golf ball. Be it a home remedy, medication or surgical procedure, it is always recommended to identify these symptoms at the earliest and choose the best treatment so that these stones can be dissolved and removed before damaging the metabolism of your health to a greater extent.