In today’s pollution dominated environment, the chances of occurrence of kidney stones in the body is increasing on an alarming pace and more and more people are being affected with this disease, regardless of age and gender. Kidney stones are most commonly made up of calcium oxalate and are resulted when the acidic levels of uric acid increase. The presence of these stones inside the body creates a greater pain and an uncomfortable sense and it is very important to identify the nature and intensity of these stones for opting effective treatments. While you are undergoing home remedies or medical procedures, it is very essential to take a proper kidney stone diet for effective and faster results.

Types of kidney stones

Before you proceed with the kidney stone treatment, it is important to understand various types of stones formed inside the kidney so that proper diet and treatment procedures can be followed. Firstly, the most common type comprises of calcium oxalate and is formed when pH value of uric acid decrease. The diet you take also plays an important role in this concern. Secondly, Calcium phosphate, though uncommon, is another type of stone which results when the pH level of uric acid increases to become alkaline in nature. Thirdly, uric acid stones result due to a consistent acidic nature of uric acid. Fourthly, struvite stones are caused due to infection in the kidney and Crystine stones represent genetic disorders.

What is the best kidney stone diet?

Depending on the type of kidney stone and intensity of its impact, you need to categorize your diet. The first step, undoubtedly, is to take high levels of water to maintain right pH levels in uric acid. Beverages, sodas and caffeine products are the ones which need to be avoided. These products increase the acidic nature of uric acid.

Fruit juices and citrate content would do a good intake. Prepare lemonade and mix olive oil and drink this juice 3 times a day. In addition, juices from fresh fruits containing high levels of water like water melon, oranges, and grapes are to be taken on a regular basis. Try to avoid food which contains high amount of oxalate like nuts, beans, tea and chocolates. Cooking food with coconut oil is a good idea. In addition to proper diet, complement your health with sufficient exercise to effectively remove toxins from the body.