In today’s changing environmental conditions wherein junk food is claiming respect, there are a plethora of diseases and disorders seen in most people, and stones inside the kidney is one among them. The chances of formation of these stones are increasing with time, regardless of gender. While there are several methods to treat these stones, home remedies for kidney stones are gaining popularity as they are cost effective, convenient and proven to deliver effective results at a faster pace.

Though there are several remedies to dissolve kidney stones at home, here are top 5 home remedies which have yielded higher results in most people.

Adequate levels of water: Intake of water in adequate quantities is an inevitable task to be followed, whatever treatment method you choose. The most important reason for the formation of kidney stones is the increase in the acidic levels of uric acid due to lack of water levels.

Coconut water: Coconut water is popularly known for breaking larger stones into smaller ones. Intake of coconut water on regular intervals breaks stones inside the kidney so that they can exit easily without causing much pain. In addition, your body gets relieved of toxic substances and becomes cool.

Lemonade: Citrate is the best element to dissolve kidney stones and prevent their formation in future. Citrate is abundantly available in lemons. Mix 120 ml of lemon juice with 2 liters of water and drink that juice 2-3 times a day. Mixing olive oil along with lemon juice would yield quicker results.

Fruit Juices: Cook horse gram and make it a paste. Add a tea spoon of this paste to pomegranate juice and take this juice 3 times a day. This remedy produces quicker results in removing these stones. Other fruits like apple, apricot and figs do a good job in dealing with these stones.

Vegetable Juices: Juices prepared from fresh vegetables offer a good solution to this issue. Radish juice is a good one to start with. Lady finger is another vegetable which yields good results. Cut 2-3 lady fingers into smaller pieces to be soaked with water. Soak them throughout the night and then prepare an extract from it and drink that juice 2-3 times a day. In addition, you can take tomato juice with salt and pepper in the morning every day to help this cause.

Proper diet along with exercise is what needed to keep your body healthy along with these home remedies.