Kidney stones home remedy is gaining popularity in recent times, owing to a rapid increase in the number of people diagnosed with stones in their kidneys. While smaller stones exit in a quite fashion, larger stones are the ones which create great pain during their exit. In addition, stones stuck inside the body cause pain in the groin along with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting and chills. A medical professional can remove these stones using surgical procedures or shock wave therapies. However, these treatments might be expensive. Removing kidney stones using home remedy methods is an effective choice as you can save time and money while getting relieved from this pain in an efficient manner.

What is kidney stones home remedy?

Treating kidneys using home remedy techniques has proven safe and effective. The first and foremost thing to do is to provide water to your body in adequate quantities. The most important cause for the formation of kidney stones inside the body is the decrease in water levels in the body which drops the pH level of uric acid, thereby making it acidic. Drinking water in regular intervals maintains that pH levels in a healthy state. In addition, avoid soda and other drinks which increase the acidic nature inside the body.

In addition to drinking loads of water, eating healthy food is important. Take fresh vegetables and fruits like apple, apricots, oranges and beans on a regular basis and avoid fatty food and oils. Lemon, with a higher concentration of citrate, is the best option to combat large stones. A mixture of 100ml lemon juice in 2 liters of water can effectively prevent the formation of these stones. Orange juice is as good as lemonade. Coconut water is another important home remedy which breaks large stones into smaller pieces and enables an easy exit. There are other home remedies like onion juice, pomegranate soup and beans decoction which enable you to treat kidney stones in an effective manner.

While proper diet can take care of the acidic levels of uric acid inside the body, it is recommended to complement your diet with proper exercises. Taking 15 minutes out of your busy schedule for a walk can do a great benefit to the fitness of your body.