Kidney stones are solid residue in the inner layer of the kidney and are formed due to high levels of concentration in uric acid. Lack of water levels inside the body can be the major attribute to this cause. Today, regardless of age and gender, people are being affected with this disease and are trying to find remedies on how to treat kidney stones. While there are several methods to dissolve kidney stones and prevent them from forming again, choosing the best treatment depends on the size and intensity of these stones inside the kidney.

Before proceeding with the treatment for removing these stones, look for the symptoms for a better understanding. People suffering with stones in their kidney often experience a severe pain in the groin area. Nausea, vomiting and chills are some other symptoms you can look for. Drinking water is the most important remedy to effectively dissolve these stones and remove them in an easier manner. High intake of water along with fresh fruit juices is recommended. Fruits which contain high levels of water like water melon, grapes and oranges can be considered.

Home remedies to treat kidney stones

Home remedies offer a cost effective and convenient way to dissolve these stones and remove them in a painless effort. Citrate is an essential element which effectively combats a kidney stone and prevents its formation on the very first stage. Taking citrate on regular intervals is recommended. Lemon juice contains high amount of citrate and can be an effective solution. Olive oil can also be added to this juice. Juices made from pomegranate, tomatoes, radish and kidney beans are other important home remedies for this issue.

Medical procedures

If the size of these stones is like a golf ball, then you might need to consider contacting your family doctor so that medical procedures can be followed. Drugs to decrease the pain, raise pH value, dissolve calcium phosphate and decrease bowel absorption can be prescribed. Other options include shock wave therapy, also called lithotripsy, a method wherein shock waves are sent into the stone to break it into smaller pieces for an easier exit. Surgical procedures, though painful, can be considered as the last resort.